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My portfolio is showing it's age. I've been working full time for Purdue University for the last two and a half years and my daughter has recently turned one! A lot has happened in the last few years and I'm currently working on updating my portfolio to show more relevant and recent projects. My resume is updated (as of August 2013) so feel free to take a look!

Some Recent Projects

I've provided links to some of the public facing websites and applications I have recently designed and am in charge of maintaining.

Purdue University Press
“From soup to nuts.”
- Charles Watkinson, Director
Purdue University Press

I designed and developed a feature rich, data-driven, robust, web presence for the university press. I accomplished this by creating a custom Drupal content management system installation to replace Purdue’s outdated book management software, integrated Google powered services, a third party shopping cart, and even social networking. The design I coded was CSS-based and complied with the university’s web standards and web presence.

Indiana State USBC Youth Association
“Simple to use.”
- Tim Fye, 1st Vice President

My client wanted an easily maintainable and simple-to-use website which would allow participants to fill out applications for bowling tournaments and be capable of accepting payments through PayPal. I completed this by designing and developing a Wordpress-powered website.

imPRINTS pdfMaker

A Computer Graphics Technology group was researching printed booklets and was interested in the possibility of creating a system that would allow the content writers to dynamically update the information in the booklets without programming skills or obtaining expensive software. I designed and programmed this proof of concept using ASP.Net, C#, LINQ, XML, and the iTextSharp library. The iTextSharp library allows the users to update the booklet’s content online and export it as a template based Adobe PDF document where it could then be saved, printed, and distributed.

CCR Trucking Insurance

I designed this web interface for a colleague who needed one quickly for a project he was developing. I created both main pages in Adobe Photoshop as well as the subpage interfaces. This allowed my colleague to efficiently “cut up” the design and implement it into his website.

The Adventures of Puffy
- Various Testers

Puffy is a Rambo-like fish who must wipe out all of the evil mutated fish he encounters during this side-scrolling shooter I programmed. The Adventures of Puffy is a one-level Adobe Flash videogame. I completed the programming in Actionscript 2.0 and some of the features include: Artificial Intelligence, power- ups, health, ammo depletion, injury, super weapons, audio, special effects, points and treasures, and a score tracker. I also assisted this 2-person team with the design by illustrating most of the characters.

Wiki F.A.Q.

As part of my senior programming capstone course in CGT my group and I made a wiki using ASP.Net and C# as well as AJAX, JQuery, CSS, RSS, and XHTML. This wiki could cover any topic we wanted and we decided that it would be about different internet technologies and works much like the popular Yahoo! Answers but answers and questions can be modified and reverted by the users. Features include a full history reversion system, RSS feed subscriptions based on topic, a user system, IP logging, and a minimal number of pages. The entire site only uses four pages in total to do everything. There is also a mobile version that has limited functionality.


For my second project using Asp.Net and C# I was tasked with creating a playable sudoku game with different difficulty levels. The second version creates a puzzle where the hints are created with a mirror image of them across the fifth row. I was successful in doing this. Although it only creates a limited number of puzzles, the starting hints are randomly generated.

Purdue University Hay Locator

This 4-person team created a web application to aid livestock owners in locating hay stock beyond their usual geographic scope of transactions. If a farmer’s hay field is destroyed by natural catastrophes such as drought and floods, it is imperative to them to quickly find the necessary hay for their livestock. I was responsible for the front-end design as well as a majority of the back-end programming portion of this non-profit project and utilized XHTML, CSS, ASP, AJAX and XML in the development of the site.

Vector Girl

This illustration was rendered in Adobe Illustrator with the assistance of the pen tool and a stock photograph. The image was traced manually (no filters) in order to create a highly stylized look. This vector illustration was voted Best in Class and is the most popular piece on merlin769.deviantart.com.

Kyle D. Wiedman

Web Developer + Designer

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Work Experience

Junior Programmer / Analyst Intern June 1, 2010 - Present

J.D. Byrider Systems, Inc. - Carmel, IN

Created new and improved functionality, fixed bugs, improved usability, and converted code from classic ASP to C# for J.D. Byrider’s web based proprietary software that is currently used at all of the franchises nationwide.

Drupal Designer & DeveloperJanuary 15, 2010 - Present

Purdue University Press, West Lafayette, IN

Created a custom Drupal installation to replace outdated book management software. Integrated Google services, a third party cart, and social networking to create a feature rich, data-driven, and robust, web presence for the Purdue University Press. I also developed the CSS based theme to match the Purdue University’s web presence.

Freelance Wordpress Designer & DeveloperNovember 6, 2009 - March 10, 2010

Indiana State USBC Youth Association- Indianapolis, IN

Created a custom designed website powered by Wordpress, to create an easily maintainable website for the ISUSBCYA. Created applications for online tournament signups with payments being accepted through PayPal.

Junior Programmer / Analyst InternMay, 2009 - December 31, 2009

J.D. Byrider Systems, Inc. - Carmel, IN

See above...

Undergraduate Research Assistant February, 2009 - May, 2009

Envision Center for Data Perceptualization, Purdue University - West Lafayette, IN

Gathered software information, explored various execution models, and determined the feasibility of various High Performance Computing applications with in a small cluster.

Technical Skills

Programming & Scripting Languages

Asp.Net, C#, PHP, ASP, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, AJAX, Actionscript 3.0, XSL, LINQ, SQL, MySQL

Libraries & Content Management Systems

jQuery, Mootools, Wordpress, Drupal

Software & Tools

Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 & 2008, SQL Server 2005 & 2008, SQL Server Profiler, Internet Information Services 6 & 7, & Team Foundation Server, Adobe Bridge, Dreamweaver, Flash, Illustrator, & Photoshop, Apache, MySQL, phpMyAdmin


Bachelors of Science Computer Graphics Technology

Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN

+ Computer & Information Technology (minor)

Contact Information

email: kylewiedman@gmail.com

phone: (765) 831-2633

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Kyle D. Wiedman

Web Designer + Developer


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